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Post  Dithrica on Sun 04 Oct 2009, 6:36 am

Please post your current epic JC patterns here.


Bold Cardinal Ruby: Toungesten, Skitt, Imoldgregg, Maxximo, Nukacola
Bright Cardinal Ruby: Toungesten, Shellblockk, Maxximo, Nukacola, Twotounges
Runed Cardinal Ruby: Toungesten, Dithrica, Nukacola, Haghod, Imoldgregg
Fractured Cardinal Ruby: Toungesten, Maxximo, Nukacola, Haghod
Delicate Cardinal Ruby: Toungesten, Shellblockk, Skitt, Imoldgregg, Twotounges, Haghod
Precise Cardinal Ruby: Maxximo
Flashing Cardinal Ruby:
Subtle Cardinal Ruby:


Accurate Ametrine:
Champion\'s Ametrine:
Deadly Ametrine: Shellblockk, Haghod, Twotounges
Deft Ametrine:
Durable Ametrine:
Empowered Ametrine: Toungesten
Etched Ametrine: Toungesten, Maxximo, Nukacola
Gimmering Ametrine:
Glinting Ametrine: Haghod
Inscribed Ametrine: Shellblockk, Maxximo, Nukacola
Lucent Ametrine:
Luminous Ametrine:
Potent Ametrine: Toungesten
Pristine Ametrine: Toungesten
Reckless Ametrine: Toungesten, Dithrica, Haghod, Imoldgregg
Resolute Ametrine: Toungesten
Resplendent Ametrine:
Stalwart Ametrine:
Stark Ametrine:
Vieled Ametrine:
Wicked Ametrine:


Brilliant King\'s Amber: Shellblockk, Skitt, Imoldgregg, Haghod
Mystic King\'s Amber:
Quick King\'s Amber: Shellblockk
Rigid King\'s Amber: Toungesten, Shellblockk, Maxximo
Smooth King\'s Amber: Shellblockk, Haghod, Twotounges
Thick King\'s Amber: Toungesten, Imoldgregg


Dazzling Eye of Zul: Skitt, Haghod
Enduring Eye of Zul: Toungesten, Shellblockk, Imoldgregg
Energized Eye of Zul: Toungesten
Forceful Eye of Zul:
Intricate Eye of Zul:
Jagged Eye of Zul: Haghod
Lambent Eye of Zul:
Misty Eye of Zul:
Opaque Eye of Zul:
Radiant Eye of Zul:
Seer's Eye of Zul: Imoldgregg
Steady Eye of Zul: Toungesten
Sundered Eye of Zul:
Tense Eye of Zul:
Timeless Eye of Zul:
Turbid Eye of Zul:
Vivid Eye of Zul: Imoldgregg, Haghod


Lustrous Majestic Zircon: Toungesten
Solid Majestic Zircon: Toungesten, Shellblockk, Imoldgregg, Maxximo, Nukacola, Haghod
Sparkling Majestic Zircon:
Stormy Majestic Zircon: Toungesten, Haghod


Balanced Dreadstone: Toungesten, Shellblockk
Defender\'s Dreadstone: Imoldgregg
Glowing Dreadstone: Toungesten, Haghod
Guardian\'s Dreadstone: Toungesten, Shellblockk, Imoldgregg
Infused Dreadstone:
Mysterious Dreadstone: Toungesten, Dithrica, Haghod
Puissant Dreadstone: Maxximo, Haghod
Purified Dreadstone: Toungesten, Dithrica, Imoldgregg, Haghod
Regal Dreadstone: Imoldgregg
Royal Dreadstone: Hellforce
Shifting Dreadstone: Toungesten, Skitt, Imoldgregg, Haghod, Twotounges
Sovereign Dreadstone: Toungesten, Shellblockk, Imoldgregg, Maxximo, Haghod
Tenuous Dreadstone:


Austure Earthsiege Diamond: Toungesten, Imoldgregg, Nukacola, Haghod
Beaming Earthsiege Diamond: Imoldgregg
Bracing Earthsiege Diamond: Toungesten, Imoldgregg, Nukacola, Haghod
Eternal Earthsiege Diamond: Toungesten, Imoldgregg, Nukacola, Haghod
Invigourating Earthsiege Diamond:
Insightful Earthsiege Diamond: Imoldgregg, Haghod
Relentless Earthsiege Diamond: Imoldgregg, Nukacola, Haghod
Trenchant Earthsiege Diamond:

Chaotic Skyflare Diamond: Toungesten, Dithrica, Imoldgregg, Nukacola, Haghod
Destructive Skyflare Diamond: Nukacola
Effulgent Skyflare Diamond: Imoldgregg
Ember Skyflare Diamond: Imoldgregg, Nukacola, Haghod
Revitalizing Skyflare Diamond:
Swift Skyflare Diamond: Toungesten, Imoldgregg, Nukacola, Haghod
Thundering Skyflare Diamond: Nukacola
Tireless Skyflare Diamond: Toungesten, Imoldgregg, Nukacola, Haghod


Nightmare Tear: Toungesten, Maxximo, Haghod, Imoldgregg

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