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Post  mecrazyloco on Fri 29 Oct 2010, 12:30 am

Section 1: Your Character
Character Name: Mecrazyloco
Spec: Moonkin MS/ Resto OS
Current Realm: Quel Dorei
Armory Link:

What are your professions and why did you choose them?: My current profs are Enchanting and Tailoring. I chose them for 2 reasons. 1. So that I could enchant my own gear with all the bonus'/ make some gear that benefits my class. 2. Make some gold for myself as well as save some gold for my guildies and friends.

Are you willing to respec for the benefit of the raid if/when needed?: I would be willing.

How do you prioritize your gear choices and why? (whats stats are highest priority – hit/agi/sp/etc): When I am looking over gear, the first thing I look for now is Int.. It maximizes the amount of damage I can do as a moonkin. My hit rating is at a 0% to miss an 83+. After int., I shoot for crit rating. Crits make my procs occur faster and that makes my dps higher.

Section 2: Your Play Style
Tell us something about your class strengths and weakness. : I play very aggressive and not afraid to jump in and learn new fights.

What is your shot/spell/heal/special rotation? (Just give us an idea of how you play your class): As of patch 4.0: Moonfire, Insect Swarm, FF, Starsurge, Wrath till proc, Moonfire, Insect Swarm, Starfire till proc, rinse repeat, throwing proc'd starsurge's as they come.

How well do you respond to criticism? (This includes being scolded for making silly mistakes, Remorse asking if you're retarded for standing in fire, and the melee asking wtf you were thinking when you leg humped that priest with your Slime): Typically: oops!

DPS: Link a, or several parses (NOTE: A parse is not a statement by you of your dps. It's a link to a WWS, WoL, etc. page that shows it. If your previous guild did not run parses, we suggest that you upload one yourself. If you do not know what a parse is, we probably aren't the guild for you, however, Google is your friend.):

What, if any, theory crafting resources do you use? Ie, where do you obtain the information you use to stay up to date on how to min/max your class? List websites, forums, etc. : Tankspot

Please include a screen shot of your raid UI with raid frames ( is a great place to host images, just create an account, upload your picture and paste the [img] line that photobucket will provide for you when you select that picture into this section) In addition please list your most common key binds as they can be difficult to see. :

Section 3: Your Availability
Raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8pm-12am server. Can you make these days and times with at least 90% attendance? Include any schedule conflicts.: I would be able to make most of those.

Anything you do outside of raids that will stop you from showing up (Work, school, etc): Work

Section 4: Your Experience
Raid Experience in WotLK 10/25 man (please note if it is on a different character than the one you are applying on): ICC 12/12 ten man, 11/25 twenty-five man. ToC full clear 10 and 25, Uld full clear 25, Naxx full clear 10 and 25, Ony 10 and 25, Maly 10 and 25, VoA 10 and 25

Raid Experience in BC and/or Pre-BC: I did not raid BC or pre

Previous Guild(s): We So Hordey (social), Haven of Sanity (raiding), Calamity (my personal guild)

Reasons for Leaving: left hordey to raid full time with Haven. Haven of Sanity transfered to another realm and I chose not to leave QD. Calamity is my guild and I have alts that I will keep in there.

Section 5: Your Computer & Connection
What type of computer do you have? (i.e. Are you going to be useless the second AOE begins?): I have a Dell comp with duo core processors, 9600 gt geforce card with 3 gbs memory. I run smooth in 25 icc with aoe's going with most graphics on high.

Do you have a reliable internet connection? Are you prone to DCing or lagging during raids?: Highest possible DSL for my area.

Do you have an Authenticator? If not, are you willing to purchase one before joining Death Group?: Have personal issues with authenticator.

Section 6: Loot and You
How do you feel about coming to raid when there is no loot for you?: I am fine with that.

Are you willing to download required addons such as Loot Council from That would be fine.

Do you have an understanding of the Loot Council system we use?: I do.

We do not recruit for the bench, however there will be times when raiders will be asked to sit to rotate others in, will this be a problem for you?: That would be fine.

Section 7: You (Yes, the real one)
How old are you? 34

Why do you want to join Death Group?: I want to represent a great guild name and run the latest content.

Do you know anyone in Death Group currently, and if so, who?: I do not.

What makes you special or sets you apart over other applicants? In short, why should we recruit you? (Note: "I do good DPS" is not anything especially special): One thing about me is I don't complain. We wipe..... we wipe. Fast return, lets get back in and give it another go.

Anything else we should know about you?: I really am not looking to be a hard-core raider. I want to be there if there is room for me. At this moment in time, I'm not worried about gear. I have already (in my mind) cleared game content.


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