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Post  Frôzensoul on Fri 15 Oct 2010, 10:03 am

Section 1: Your Character
Character Name:Frôzensoul
Spec: Assasination
Current Realm:Arthas
Armory Link:

What are your professions and why did you choose them?:
Enchanting and Tailoring. I chose enchanting because I was tired of paying for enchanting and reenchanting all my gear when I was leveling back in 2007. Enchanting provides me with extra benefits for maximizing my DPS and well as a source of income. Tailoring was initially picked only to help make gear for my mage (3 yrs ago). Since then I have picked up many epic patterns and really didnt want to get ride of tailoring. Since WoTLK came out, tailoring has actually become beneficial to me in the fact that I can embroyder (-1sp) my cloak for 400 extra AP. In the Cata Beta I found out that tailors can embroyder 800AP into their cloaks; Seems like a beneficial thing to me. While tailoring might not be the #1 best profession for a Mutilate rogue to have, its certainly not the weakest by any means.

Are you willing to respec for the benefit of the raid if/when needed?:
yes. My is offspec is currently Combat.

How do you prioritize your gear choices and why? (whats stats are highest priority – hit/agi/sp/etc):
With the latest changes to WoW (4.0.1), Agility is now the strongest stat! Crit rating is about useless at this point, and with the extremely high crit we have from gear, you must stack AGI, AGI/Hast, AGI/Hit, and Haste pretty much in that order. Crit must be reforged to either Hit (to hit cap->649) or Haste. Expertise cap was changed to 200 and I have adjusted my gear accordingly. Weapon Enchants have changed from using BZerking to using Mongoose do to the fact that Mongoose has a higher proc uptime than Zerking and the additional 120 Agi (2x) is extremely strong.

Section 2: Your Play Style
Tell us something about your class strengths and weakness. :
Mutilate is great for single target burn type fights, not so good for add swapping. To compensate you need to spec into Quickening, which provides a 15% increased movement speed. Also our sprint cooldown has gone from 3 mins to 1 min, to help us as well. You could glyph for an additional 30% increase in movement speed, but at this point of the game, I dont see that outwaying any other glyphs.

What is your shot/spell/heal/special rotation? (Just give us an idea of how you play your class):
I start out in stealth, open with Mutilate, then SnD, Mut to 4+ CP and rupture, Mut to +4 CP and Envenom (also refreshes my SnD. I keep rupture up as close to 100% as possible. When target is <35% I go from Mutilate to Backstab, still keeping rupture up as well as Envenom to renew SnD.

How well do you respond to criticism? (This includes being scolded for making silly mistakes, Remorse asking if you're retarded for standing in fire, and the melee asking wtf you were thinking when you leg humped that priest with your Slime):
At this point of the game, if you still do these things you should quit WoW. Going forward, there will be new bosses and mechanics and if you dont realize that you are doing something wrong, and no one tells you that you are, then you will never learn. However its the players responsibilty to research fights and be prepared for them, not the raid leaders responsibility to explain everything, to everyone, every fight. If I do something wrong, tell me and i'll fix it.

DPS: Link a, or several parses (NOTE: A parse is not a statement by you of your dps. It's a link to a WWS, WoL, etc. page that shows it. If your previous guild did not run parses, we suggest that you upload one yourself. If you do not know what a parse is, we probably aren't the guild for you, however, Google is your friend.):

What, if any, theory crafting resources do you use? Ie, where do you obtain the information you use to stay up to date on how to min/max your class? List websites, forums, etc. :
I use and keep up with class forums. I have a Cata Beta and use that to see how things are changing, new boss fights, etc.

Please include a screen shot of your raid UI with raid frames ( is a great place to host images, just create an account, upload your picture and paste the [img] line that photobucket will provide for you when you select that picture into this section) In addition please list your most common key binds as they can be difficult to see. :
Frôzensoul Mutilate/Combat Rogue My_New_UI

Section 3: Your Availability
Raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8pm-12am server. Can you make these days and times with at least 90% attendance? Include any schedule conflicts.:

I am available to attend 100%.

Anything you do outside of raids that will stop you from showing up (Work, school, etc):No

Section 4: Your Experience
Raid Experience in WotLK 10/25 man (please note if it is on a different character than the one you are applying on):

12/12 ICC 10
11/12 ICC HEROIC 10
12/12 ICC 25
11/12 ICC HEROIC 25
4/4 RS 10
4/4 RS HEROIC 10
4/4 RS 25
5/5 TOC 10
5/5 TOC 25
5/5 TOGC 10
4/5 TOGC 25
Ulduar 10/25

Have my ICC10 drake.

Raid Experience in BC and/or Pre-BC:
Kara, Mount Hyjal, TK, SSC, BT, Sunwell
Molten Core, ZG

Previous Guild(s):
Here is a list of guilds that I have been in starting in 2007: The Guild, Gods of Tomorrow, Primal, Comatose, Epiphany, Warriors Elite, Slash Spit, Chaos Theory, DarkConviction, We Make It Rain. I currently have a few alliance toons in Skeleton Crew on QD.

Reasons for Leaving:
I am looking to leave for 2 reasons. #1-I have friends on QD and wish too return. #2-I do not see this guild even getting close to downing LK 25 heroic anymore, and if anything progression has gone backwards about 6 months.

We Make it Rain was a very good guild. We had alot of good players and were able to clear ICC25 Heroics to LK in about 2 hrs with starting a fresh run. The issues we started having were people not showing up; around 3 weeks before 4.0.1 came out. So Tuesday clear to LK, Wednesday had about 15 of the core 25 on to raid, so ended up pugging the rest to do RS25. Thursday about 12 of the core, pulled in 8 guildies and pugged the remaing 5 and just did LK on normal. We have been doing this for about 4 weeks with only 1 real good day of attempts on LK 25 Heroic; whioh we got him down to 35%. People started getting frustrated and started leaving the guild (only a few). Then when 4.0.1 came out, and completely changed our class mechanics, the frustration grew. We have lost 15 of our core 25 group, have new people but their gear is sub par as well as their experience. Playing the game has become more of a task than enjoyment.

Section 5: Your Computer & Connection
What type of computer do you have? (i.e. Are you going to be useless the second AOE begins?):
I have a system I built myself about 3 years ago. P4 3.6Mhz (Hyperthreading), 2GB ram, NVida Geforce 1GB Video, 3x500GB SATA Harddrives, Sony Aquos 32" LCD Flat Panel.

Do you have a reliable internet connection? Are you prone to DCing or lagging during raids?:
I have a Cable Modem, rarely DC, Lat is usually around 60ms, with 52fps.

Do you have an Authenticator? If not, are you willing to purchase one before joining Death Group?:
I do not have one, and have never had a need for one. Have Anti-Virus, Spyware, and Firewall programs to prevent intrusions. If you feel that it is requirement then I would.

Are you willing to download required addons such as Loot Council from

Do you have an understanding of the Loot Council system we use?:

We do not recruit for the bench, however there will be times when raiders will be asked to sit to rotate others in, will this be a problem for you?
This will not be a problem, would give me time to level my alts.

Section 6: You (Yes, the real one)
How old are you?


Why do you want to join Death Group?:
I am looking for a group of people who know what they are doing during raids, and that I can have fun playing with.

Do you know anyone in Death Group currently, and if so, who?:

What makes you special or sets you apart over other applicants? In short, why should we recruit you? (Note: "I do good DPS" is not anything especially special):
I am always looking for ways to improve my toons. I stay alive during fights, I research my class better than most, I have 10 lvl 80 toons across 2 server, I try to keep others updated as to whats going on/coming down in the world of WoW. I am an excellent resource of information and a person that you can count on.

Anything else we should know about you?:
Not that I am aware of.


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Post  Reasons on Fri 15 Oct 2010, 11:28 pm

Gonna go ahead and pass on this app. Best of Luck in your search for a guild.

and because i know my polite decline wont be enough for you.

Typically we dont get the opportunity to raid with people before they app, and quite frankly you prob would have had a much better chance if you hadnt. But on the other hand this saves both of us time. Asking 50 times if we had reviewed your character, when im on an alt, with friends trying to have fun, turned me off to the idea of you joining. You arent the kind of "fit" we are looking for and we arent currently looking for another rogue, as you were told multiple times. Persistance doesnt always pay off, esp when it gets annoying.

In conclusion, we're passing on this app, dont go asking Pre, looking for a greater explaination, my word is final. Good Luck.

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Post  Cal on Sun 17 Oct 2010, 5:30 am

Frôzensoul Mutilate/Combat Rogue Gamer-pwned


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