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Section 1: Your Character
Character Name: Shaushage
Spec: Prot
Current Realm: Quel' Dorei
Armory Link:'dorei&cn=Shaushage

What are your professions and why did you choose them?:

Mining and Blacksmithing. I chose Mining for the Stamina buff it gives and to supplement my blacksmithing and with what excess supplies I have to make money. Blacksmithing i chose to get the extra sockets for gems, and should i need the gear from patterns if i cannot attain gear otherwise.

Are you willing to respec for the benefit of the raid if/when needed?:

Yes if i wasn't willing to do that i wouldn't bother applying. Only problem is i focused so much on my tank set that my dps gear is very very lacking

How do you prioritize your gear choices and why? (whats stats are highest priority – hit/agi/sp/etc):

Stamina, Dodge, Defense Rating, Expertise, Strength, stamina of course i need the hp to survive, dodge i need to keep from getting hit so much, def rating to keep from getting those random crits that drop me to near death or do kill me, str to increase my damage to help hold agro and increace my block chance and expertise to ensure i hit my target i dont need a boss going crazy and causing a wipe

Section 2: Your Play Style
Tell us something about your class strengths and weakness. :

Pally tanks are excellent at their capacity to hold aggro on several mobs and or bosses at once, when not in a raid they are my premier choice for solo questing because not only can i take a beating i can keep myself healed,
as for weakness's if i get silenced it does nullify nearly everything in my rotation and unlike a warriors stance some of my abilitys (judgements) rely on another spell that must be kept active to use

What is your shot/spell/heal/special rotation? (Just give us an idea of how you play your class):

majority of the time when prepping for a pull i use : Divine Plea, Sacred Shield, Hand of Righteousness, Consecrate, Hammer of Rightousness, Shield of Righteousness, Avenger's Shield, Judgement of Justice, (if there are undead) Holy Wrath, (when targets hp is low enough) Hammer of Wrath. the rotating between HoR, SoJ, Con, SoR

How well do you respond to criticism? (This includes being scolded for making silly mistakes, Remorse asking if you're retarded for standing in fire, and the melee asking wtf you were thinking when you leg humped that priest with your Slime):
I take criticism well if its respectful enough but if i make a noob mistake like standing in a 50k fireblast saying "look at the pretty colors" just gkick me lol. i can accept that i make a mistake everyone does but i dont like getting stuff rammed down my throat if its not that big a deal

DPS: Link a, or several parses (NOTE: A parse is not a statement by you of your dps. It's a link to a WWS, WoL, etc. page that shows it. If your previous guild did not run parses, we suggest that you upload one yourself. If you do not know what a parse is, we probably aren't the guild for you, however, Google is your friend.): dont see how dps is too important for a tank?

What, if any, theory crafting resources do you use? Ie, where do you obtain the information you use to stay up to date on how to min/max your class? List websites, forums, etc. :
i dont use to many resources in honesty im just good at tanking been playing a pally since pre bc things have changed i adapted dont know what to say lol i just play the game

Please include a screen shot of your raid UI with raid frames ( is a great place to host images, just create an account, upload your picture and paste the [img] line that photobucket will provide for you when you select that picture into this section) In addition please list your most common key binds as they can be difficult to see. :

Section 3: Your Availability
Raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8pm-12am server. Can you make these days and times with at least 90% attendance? Include any schedule conflicts.: I'm currently unemployed im free whenever

Anything you do outside of raids that will stop you from showing up (Work, school, etc):
i sometimes babysit to help my cousin out when shes in a tight spot so sometimes i might have to get to bed early because she drops my niece off at 645 am but thats rare

Section 4: Your Experience
Raid Experience in WotLK 10/25 man (please note if it is on a different character than the one you are applying on):
Farthest i have gotten in icc 10 and 25 man was downing 5/12 all i can get into are pugs i know the strats for the fights but i cant carry ppl and dont expect to be carried myself i have completed ToC 10 havnt attempted 25 man or 10/25 TOGC and i want to run and do a full clear of uld for the proto drake mount but cant get farther than the weeklys that go in there because noone pugs for it anymore and i cant get into a guild to raid

Raid Experience in BC and/or Pre-BC: didnt get the chance was always working never had time to play

Previous Guild(s): cant remember but there have been a few most current one is Once Forgotten

Reasons for Leaving: overly rude ppl, were not raiding as they had advertised, failed at raiding because ppl couldnt work together and listen

Section 5: Your Computer & Connection
What type of computer do you have? (i.e. Are you going to be useless the second AOE begins?):
E-machines running Windows 7 not even a year old
Do you have a reliable internet connection? Are you prone to DCing or lagging during raids?:
nope only happens once in a blue moon
Do you have an Authenticator? If not, are you willing to purchase one before joining Death Group?:
already have one
Are you willing to download required addons such as Loot Council from
one i get curse client working again properly ill get whatever
Do you have an understanding of the Loot Council system we use?:
nope never been in a guild or group that used it but shouldnt be too hard to learn
We do not recruit for the bench, however there will be times when raiders will be asked to sit to rotate others in, will this be a problem for you? No im used to not getting to go anyway

Section 6: You (Yes, the real one)
How old are you?
Why do you want to join Death Group?:
I want to join DG because one of your members Lolita mentioned the ppl were more mature than most also i heard you were an excellent raiding guild, I'm tired of fail pugs i want a reliably group not guilds that sign up 30 ppl for a raid and only 2 show up its depressing and a waste of my money to pay for a game i cant play and enjoy, i decided to apply for DG and not FnB because i have spoken to some of their members and for lack of a better term they are rude assholes i have yet to meet a rude DG member so i thought it cant hurt to apply for a guild i think i would very much enjoy being a part of.
Do you know anyone in Death Group currently, and if so, who?:
dont really know anyone just talked to Lolita who mentioned i could try to apply
What makes you special or sets you apart over other applicants? In short, why should we recruit you? (Note: "I do good DPS" is not anything especially special):
I dont know what to really put i havnt accomplished much of renown other than nearly soloing the exodar boss, i know how to tank, im not a ninja, and i dont stand in fire lol
Anything else we should know about you?:
I may not be overly geared but i do have a single piece of t10 25man i got from voa and a shield from heroic 10man icc other than that i attempted to gear myself out the best i possibly can i farm every day i can for the gear i need and it doesnt drop so i found the best possible substitute i can afford
We do not recruit for the bench, however there will be times when raiders will be asked to sit to rotate others in, will this be a problem for you? dont know if i copied the same question twice or if its just on here twice but no its not a problem if i have to sit out for another person to be rotated in im used to not getting to go already lol wont hurt my feelings


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Post  Reasons on Wed 06 Oct 2010, 6:24 pm

Thank you for taking the time to apply. We are currently full on Tanks. Good luck to you in your search for a guild.

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